Common Chord - Self-Titled Release 2017Common Chord - Self-Titled Release 2017CD 2017.

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7) The Moon was on the Pumpkin

© Michael J. Bryant, BMI

The moon was on the pumpkin
Stars lit up the sky
And a feeing deep inside said
The time had finally arrived
Oh, they’d waited so long now that time was all gone
A new baby boy was born

Sing this new baby a lullaby
In the morning dad will teach you to rope and ride
He’ll be beside you and gently will guide you
‘Till you can walk all on your own
Sing this new baby sweet dreams to dream
In the morning mom will teach you to dance and sing
She’ll be beside you and gently will guide you
‘till you can walk strong on your own

The frost had signaled autumn
Harvest time was here
All the apples needed pickin’
The air was crisp and clear
Oh, we whispered a prayer little heart take care
Your mom and your dad are so proud


The leaves were changing colors
Geese were flying south
It was time for gathering firewood
To warm this new baby’s house
The moon shown its light on that September night
And the stars sang a new melody

Angels watching over you
Keep you safe the whole night through
Crickets sing, the nightingale brings
This lullaby especially for you


The moon was on the pumpkin